Best Ramen in Tampere – Japanese Hawaiian fusion restaurant Aloha Ramen

Aloha Ramen restaurant serves traditional and not-so-traditional Ramen soups, Poke bowls and other wonderful dishes combining Japanese and Hawaiian flavors, with a finishing touch of fresh local ingredients.

Restaurant is located in the heart of Tampere, just next to the railway station and serve our customers fresh handmade food from early lunches to weekend’s late night snacks every day of the week.

Poke Bowl Tampere

Ramen is a Japanese dish with a translation of “pulled noodles”. It usually consists of wheat noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso with toppings such as sliced char siu pork, dried seaweed and edamame beans.

Poke is hawaiian word for “to slice” or “cut into pieces. Poke bowl is traditionally dices raw fish served with furikake rice and variety of vegetables and fruits. Poke seasonings have been heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines. Aloha Ramen also serves Poke’s with fried chicken and have variety of vegetarian and also full vegan options.

Reviews and links

Tripadvisor – “Great Ramen and nice atmosphear in central Tampere. Definetly will come back
for dinner. I would recommend for everyone.” -Henri H.

Google – “Superb ramen, gotta taste them all. Tried Miso Salmon Ramen and enjoyed it so much.
Warm recommendation, will visit again.” -Mira O.

Facebook – “Never disappointed with the food or service. Addicted to the menu!” -Thomas V.

Instagram – Stay updated on monthly speacials and much more!

Phone: +358 44 989 4896
Address: Tuomiokirkonkatu 40, 33200 Tampere

Short: Best Ramen restaurant in Tampere